Rail Car Covers

Be it lumber, wood, composite or siding products that you need packaging solutions for – Lumbersheild’s rail car covers are your best go. We have rail car cover manufactured using the best, strong woven plastic covers that ensure a safe journey to all your products awaiting shipment by rail. Not stopping from the codified size of the rail car covers that is 76’ * 32’, we go beyond by customizing our rail car covers to the size you request.

High Quality Rail Car Covers

The covers are specially made to block sun damage and to last long, so that your products would not be defected in any way during storage or transportation. We weave our rail car cover with low density polyethylene, which prevents it from tearing, wearing off or getting permeated by water. The rail line shipping procedure can be hazardous, because of the possible chances of getting your goods ruined by unfavourable weather conditions, water and dirt. The best solution for this is to protect your products using a properly manufactured rail car cover, because it is not very pleasant to discover that your uncovered lumber has gathered a lot of dirt, soot and dust.

Custom Rail Car Covers From LumberSheild

The rail car covers Lumbershield Cover Solutions offer vary from printed covers, sewn covers, heat sealed covers and Hopper covers – out of which the best rail car cover suitable for your needs would be chosen under our friendly assistance. Apart from being a protective shield for your products, rail car covers also act as an effective advertising agent. The positive outlook you can give to a consumer base through a well-printed rail car cover can create an enormously advantageous commercial image. A rail car cover with an influential print can catch the eye of consumers; stay stored in their memories and is utilized later when the customers are out on the market for a purchase. With Lumbershield and its expert rail car cover manufacturing staff, your rail car covers can either be bought in the regular size or be specially made for the perfect fit.