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LumberShield Corporation, the former lumber wrap division of Bulldog Bag Ltd was the first supplier to offer custom printed Poly Woven lumber wrap to the forest industry in 1978, and for the next 35 plus years was a preferred supplier to companies such as Weldwood, MacMillan Bloedel, Tolko, Canfor, WFP, and Interfor as well as many small independent lumber suppliers.

On June 1st of 2018 a newly formed entity; LumberShield Corp, acquired the Bulldog lumberwrap printing assets along with the opportunity to continue supplying the customers of the Bulldog Bag’s lumber wrap division.

The new company LumberShield Corp, has now moved to a new facility in Langley, B.C., along with a core group of manufacturing and sales and support staff with over 30 years of industry experience.

Our new facility is strictly focused on the manufacturing of custom printed lumber wrap and sewn covers and is dedicated to continuous improvement in both service and quality.

Our Commitment

Commitment to delivering excellent service, and to become the most reliable supplier in the industry of lumber packaging.


Strive to expand the range of packaging supplies and accomplish much more in the field of lumber packaging in the years to come.

Call center

Give us a call at
+1 604-901-0333 or
Toll Free: 1-877-220-POLY (7659)

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Why Choose LumberShield Lumber Protective Wrap?

LumberShield is an integrated manufacturer, prepared to deliver high-quality lumber packaging solutions in Canada, the United States of America and around the world.

  • Guaranteed lower price than our competitors invoiced rates
  • Fully Integrated Manufacturer
  • Roll or custom sewn plain or printed lumber bags
  • On-time delivery performance
  • Minimum lead time
  • Superior coated polyethylene & polypropylene fabric
  • Anti – skid embossing
  • Comprehensive in-house quality testing
  • Lean production processes
  • Focused on customer satisfaction

Leading Lumber Protetctive Packaging Manufacturer

Features & Benefits

At LumberShield, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional service, not only through the products manufactured but also with a positive customer experience.

Strategic upgrades are regularly initiated where required, to guarantee that our manufacturing facility remains at the forefront of technology, enabling the production of our high-quality products, consistently executed to our stated specifications.




Quality Assurance

We concentrate on delivering high performance, cost-effective material solutions to meet our clients’ interests, leading us to become one of the most trusted manufacturers serving the Canadian and US market.

Our team is passionate about what they do – from customer service, right through to weaving, s and extrusion – to ensure our products and services accomplish the highest quality and standards possible.

We never negotiate on quality, from the raw materials we obtain, right through to the finished goods we produce. Constant investment in people, products, processes, quality management systems and vast experience have all contributed to our success.


Let LumberShield protect your valuable goods from extreme weather conditions and handling damage!

This is why consistency in the outstanding quality of products manufactured, united with the ability to create tailor-made designs and cost-effective solutions that surely work, is what makes LumberShield Lumber protective wrap the perfect partner for any business.