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Est. 1978

Why LumberShield™ Protective Wrap?

Lumber Shield Protective Wrap is designed for highest level of protection against extreme weather, as well as damage caused by transportation and excessive handling. Our product is a proven choice to protect your lumber, plywood, treated wood, re-manufactured wood, I-joists & beams, structural panels, all types of sidings and other building materials.

Features & Benefits of Our Lumber Protective Wraps

Over 40 years in the business

Safe, Easy Wrapping

Safe-T-Grip slip-resistant top surface for safer working conditions, as well as a staple reinforcement strands to increase staple holding capabilities, upon request.


LumberShield™ protective wrap eliminates delamination, delivers industry leading strength-to-weight ratio to reduce tears.


Tested to perform in extreme climates, our lumber protective wrap provides all-weather protection.

UV-Resistant Layers

UV stabilizers are added to every layer of LumberShield™ lumber wrap for a proprietary protection advantage.

Slip Resistant

Slip resistant top surface treatment helps to provide safer working conditions.

Industry Standard

LumberShield™ protective Wrap grades are engineered to operate with industry standard packaging systems and automated wrapping equipment.

Lumbershield Lumber Protective Covers

Innovative, effective and fast packaging. Cutting edge technology.


Lumber Shield is now a proven leader in lumber wrap manufacturing throughout Canada and specializes in the supply of high-quality timber protection products. Our lumber wrap displays your company logo with superb print quality and more cost effectively than any other manufacturers.

Latest News & Events

November 18, 2019

Lumber wraps have most definitely become an essential product in the timber industry. Whether it is for transition, long-term storage or packaging lumber, joists, and other wood products, lumber wraps are a cost-effective product of modern technology.

July 3, 2015

The Canadian government today announced it will be investing more than $24 million in six B.C.-based wood product associations to help increase international demand for Canadian wood products.

June 25, 2015

With the number of curtailments and mill shutdowns announced in the first half of 2019, it might be surprising to learn that one mill is making a comeback.