Lumber Wrap Repair Tape

Lumber Wrap Repair Tape manufactured by Lumbershield has properties you have not seen in regular tape before. So to speak, we only market tapes that have the capability to outrun the utility tapes that break off or tear out soon. The Lumber Wrap Repair Tape in Lumbershield are durable, strong, and come in different sizes from which you can choose. Normal duct tape just gives the illusion of security – and taping your products have always been viewed by almost everyone as a placebo method of protection.

Why Choose Lumber Wrap Repair Tape

What is noteworthy about Lumbershield repair tape is that it functions as a strong, temporary protector to the goods you are transporting (especially glass products). The woven polyethylene plastic used to manufacture the tape works in unison with the strong adhesive used to stick the tape in place; making our lumber wrap repair tape one of the best you can ever find in the market. The weaves are laminated with a plastic substrate to increase the stability and integrity of the tape. In regular duct tape, the adhesive comes off after some time and the tape goes through breakage, making it a bad solution for your packaging requirements. The acrylic adhesive takes a strong hold on the surface even under the worst of difficult weather and temperature conditions.

Benefits of Using LumberSheild Repair Tape

The lumber wrap repair tape acts as an excellent agent to keep the glass surfaces intact, unshattered and free of cracks. As a packaging tape, the repair tape we have at Lumbershield works a lot better than normal adhesive tape, because the polyethylene design is what makes our tape steadier.  In addition to being a very useful packaging aid, our lumber wrap repair tape can also prove as greatly helpful in your car or boat repair purposes. The length of the tape and its properties would be more clearly explained to you by Lambershield professionals, then you would be rewarded with a proper and affordable repair tape packaging solution for life.