Lumber Covers

For custom sewn lumber covers with high durability and superior quality, there is no other than LumberShield protective lumber wraps solutions. LumberShield offers you the latest lumber cover designs for the most affordable prices. The specialty of our manufacturing and distribution services is that we are fast and firm in our service, ready to deliver any lumber cover requirements that you may have in a matter of days for unmatched price rates.

Tailor Made Lumber Cover

We manufacture all of our sewn covers at our Langley, B.C. facility which gives you piece of mind that the consistency in quality is always assured. The shipments are prompt, and the size of the woven lumber covers can be customized to meet your package size and dimensions. With the constant fluctuations in the market, the product size changes that take place are instantly grasped by our crew at LumberShield, and the lumber covers are always made to fit the latest standards using the best material.

Benefits of Using LumberShield Lumber Cover

Just for the record, lumber covers can be a better choice than lumber wrap for several different reasons.  Wrapping lumber wrap at an end-line packaging station is a two-man job, but a lumber cover can easily be installed by a single employee. With a lumber cover around, you would also get the additional advantage of a more securely protected package. Either in a box or as a bundle, our lumber covers would save you the time from having to cut a fitting cover out of a roll stock, and instead give you the option of ordering custom sized lumber covers to suit the size of your pallet. Wood products that require protective packaging could be easily stored till their departure.