How to Choose Lumber Wraps

lumber wraps

Lumber wraps have most definitely become an essential product in the timber industry. Whether it is for transition, long-term storage or packaging lumber, joists, and other wood products, lumber wraps are a cost-effective product of modern technology. Made of reinforced polyethylene scrim laminated to Kraft paper on the back and coating the upper side with polyethylene, lumber wraps help you to protect your wood as the same day it was cut. Tear-resistant, strong and durable is lumber wraps preserving your timber from harsh environmental conditions. And these are specially designed to bear the abrasions and transit damages. Read further for a descriptive introduction for lumber wraps we available at the market.

What kind of Lumber wraps are available?

Many companies provide you with exceptionally well manufactured woven lumber wraps that have products that vary in a broad spectrum. Woven lumber wrap can be manufactured in a wide range of thicknesses in the form of sheet rolls or structure covers.

  • Plain Lumber Wrap
  • Printed Lumber Wrap
  • I-Beam Joist Wrap
  • Metal Wrap

The Lumber Wraps available in the market is a high-density polyethylene scrim with a low-density polyethylene coating. If specifications of these wraps are mentioned, they are made of Xwrap standard, Xwrap +Plus or Xwrap Premium materials. We can assure you these materials as the best materials there are in manufacturing woven lumber wraps. These are available in White/white, white/black, white/tan colours and can be printed up to 4 colours. All these lumber wraps have UVI protection, and you can select them in several different colour specifications, as mentioned above. And even in several roll widths.

Just as there is a generally accepted standard for any product, woven lumber wraps contain standard measures for roll width and also colours. Usually, the standard woven lumber wraps are made to roll widths of 60”, 72”, 96”, 108” and 144.” And also, they can be made to 1000 feet and 2000 feet lengths. When a requirement arises to have a lumber wrap made in customized sizes, such needs can be fulfilled by manufacturing them to suit the customers’ needs. If there was a customer who is asking for a lumber wrap wider than 144” for an example, we could customize a product to meet requirements. So, you have no reason whatsoever to fret about the matching sizes for your products.

Why do you need to choose lumber wrap instead of poly sheeting?

The first fact is that special features that the lumber wrap consists makes it a cost-effective product to buy. The coated plastic and the weave comprised of several layers assures its strength and durability. The combination of these features results in lasting and economical products that are best for the packaging process. When it comes to storage, the flexibility and pliability of the material makes it easy to cover the products without any trouble. The weave of high-density polyethylene gives lumber wrap strength and resistance towards multidirectional tension. Because of the cross-sectional structure of the high-density polyethylene, it withstands the propagation of a dent, if a tear starts. This UV stabilized coated woven lumber wraps provides its resistance for punctures, dimensional stability and excellent tear strength.

And it is coated with a low-density polyethylene for two main reasons. One is because this coating will provide the woven lumber wrap with a waterproof seal fastening it from moisture. The second reason is to solidify the structure of the high-density polyethylene weave. Other similar products are considerably brittle than woven lumber wrap, and lumber wrap provides flexible and lasting coverage for the timber.

Why do you need to choose two-colour Lumber Wrap?

Woven Lumber Wraps can be manufactured in any colour dyes of polyethylene, so there is a wide range of selection for anyone to choose the colour that suits them. The standard colour for woven lumber wrap one side being coated with white poly and the remaining side with black poly. This colour combination allows the woven wrap to be resistance towards the impact of sunlight by making it a reflective surface. The black coated side provides shade to the timber, maintaining a cooler temperature when the white-coated surface becomes the reflective exterior. So basically, the opacity both the layers generate helps the lumber wrap to reduce building up of heat and condensation. As a result of this, the specifications in white/black woven lumber wrap, it prevents the mold growth because of the maintained lower temperatures. Also, the lumber wrap covers timber from sunlight, so this does not get any UV sun damage. The sunlight can easily bleach out the colour of wood, but the white/black specification in woven lumber wrap allows a solid packaging for wooden products. And its minimal elongation helps to retain the shape of the product.