Lumber Wraps

LumberShield has lumber wraps that dominates the market for their functionality and quality. The tear resistance, colour (whiteness), durability and strength of our lumber wrap have been, and always will be remarkable. The longer you store your goods, the more prone to they will be to damaged by sunlight and weather. LumberShield lumber wrap comes in a range of options to solve this problem, effectively maintaining the quality of your products throughout the storing process.

Customized Lumber Wraps

The width, roll length, and print can be customized to suit your preference and needs. The custom printing solutions LumberShield offers would open up an amazing pathway towards your journey of brand popularity in your industry. We provide a range of lumber wrap solutions ranging from  polypropylene lumber wrap, polyethylene lumber wrap – all differing from each other in unit weight, and weave construction.

It all depends on your lumber wrap requirement; for instance polythene lumber wrap would be a better choice than polypropylene lumber wrap if what you are seeking is easy handling, flexibility and plasticity. According to how you want your production line to function, the type of lumber wrap you prefer could change. We help you in determining whether you need custom sewn covers or  lumber wrap on a continuous roll.

Types of LumberShield Lumber Wraps

You can choose between the lumber wrap options we at LumberShield offer that come in these gsm densities, depending on how thick or thin the lumber wrap is.

LumberShield PE 95gsm
LumberShield Premium PE 120gsm
LumberShield PP 95gsm
LumberShield Supreme PP 120gsm
Benefits of Using Lumber Wraps

The benefit of using lumber wrap often proves itself where quick lumber protective packaging is needed for varied production lengths. When there are products of changing lengths, it is more convenient to wrap them using lumber wrap in the roll form, because designing woven lumber covers for each of them would be pointless. Make LumberShield your official assistant in deciding which specifications you need in your lumber wrap roll, which lengths to order, which gsm thickness and why. From assistance to application, we do not disappoint.